Czuczman signs with Islanders

As Elliotte Friedman first reported, Kevin Czuczman has signed with the Islanders, going straight to the NHL. So this’ll be the first year of that two-year deal. A lefty defenseman with some size who put some points up, too. And if this is indeed his Twitter account, solid handle. [Read More]
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First ATO: Tuesday notes

The first Bridgeport ATO — the first skater in the league this year, it appears — is Dmitry Antipin, listed as a left winger out of UMass Dartmouth. (He’s “Dimitry” in some places.) Joined a group that was otherwise the way we’d left it (except for the Halmo and Donovan recalls) at Wonderland six days […] [Read More]

Amateur stuff: Sunday notes

As college seasons begin to finish, ATO season begins. The Isles don’t have any college-senior draft picks, but they haven’t been shy the past few years about bringing in others. The draft picks in juniors are all in the playoffs except, at the moment, for Ryan Pulock. Brandon’s in a three-team dogfight for two spots […] [Read More]

Parry Sound, Owen Sound: Bah, St. John’s 2 liveblog

About 13 years ago, I wrote something for a franchise preview about how great it’d be to have people all over see “Bridgeport” in AHL standings, know where it was… @IceCapsAHL It's just "Tigers" "Bridgeport Sound" is the name of their town…otherwise you'd have call IceCaps the "John's IceCaps" #cmon — Dee Cee (@ontherawk) March […] [Read More]

If ‘if’ was a horse: St. John’s postgame

The Sound Tigers could’ve been up 2-0 in the first three minutes. Seriously. Joey Martin had a point-blank shot stopped. Scooter Vaughan was stopped on a two-on-one with Brett Gallant; Robin Short thought maybe off the shaft of Michael Hutchinson’s goal stick. And then Bridgeport took five penalties in the first period, the IceCaps took […] [Read More]
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Links from away: St. John’s pregame 1

As noted, out of touch for tonight’s Sound Tigers game in St. John’s. It’s bad enough not actually being in St. John’s. Anyway. You’ve got AHL Live for video and possibly audio, depending on how things set up, but in past years we’ve also gotten a stream here, with the bonus of local music; not […] [Read More]

Bus terminal of the skies: Thursday notes

Flew home LGA – YYZ with the polite, prompt Bridgeport Sound Tigers, AHL farm team of NYI. Connecting to St. John's NF for wknd games. — Lance Hornby (@sunhornby) March 6, 2014 There you go. Programming note: On assignment Friday night, so the liveblog won’t be so live. Will set up some links beforehand. Should […] [Read More]

Vanek for Collberg

The Islanders traded Thomas Vanek to Montreal at the wire, bringing back Sebastian Collberg, a 20-year-old right winger, under contract per CapGeek but playing at home with Frolunda (SHL). There are conditional draft picks reported in a few different directions contingent on the Habs’ making the playoffs. Collberg was the 33rd pick in the 2012 […] [Read More]
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