Cobras and pythons: Lehigh Valley postgame

Can’t tell you how many times I’ve heard Brent Thompson talk about getting 40 shots a game. How’s 43? Not enough. “At the end of the day, we haven’t done enough to bury them,” James Wright said. “We’d

Someone (probably) has to win: Lehigh Valley pregame

The second-to-last tie in Sound Tigers history was a scoreless game here, April 10, 2004 against the Philadelphia Phantoms. (Clinched the division for Philly, sent Bridgeport to Wilkes-Barre, and

Fightin’ Williams

Stephon Williams made 24 of 28 tonight in Colorado for Missouri, which lost 5-3. But his night ended nine minutes early: Goalie fight, Williams vs. Clarke Saunders. @BobbyMetcalf88 Yeah, Williams vs.

Whitneyless: Portland liveblog (2/2)

This is the 19th time in team history that the Sound Tigers have allowed at least four goals in four games in a row. You probably won’t be surprised to know it’d only happened once in the team’s first

Portland liveblog (1/2)

We’ll be listening to Paul on AHL Live. You could also listen to Jeff Mannix (audio / video) if you’d like the Portland side. We’ll be following Chris Roy, Paul, Jeff and the Pirates. The box should

“Were they sent to hell?” “Worse, Wisconsin”: pregame notes

Liveblog on a separate post, because this set of accumulated notes and links got long after a day off, a trip to Stratford for golbol presentations, and a haircut: Quite the night last night for Adam

Quine STILL closer: Wednesday notes

Further to yesterday’s post and this morning’s story, Alan Quine took contact this morning in practice and said he felt good. Brent Thompson reiterated that they’ll take it day by day, but it’s a

Quine closer: Tuesday notes

(Made coffee. Opened packets of sweetener. Poured sweetener in garbage. Turned back to mug with empty wrappers. That’s right, ladies, he’s single.) All hands on deck today, including the once-ill