Three in three in three: Binghamton postgame

This was one of those weird games that could’ve been both better and worse for both teams. Bridgeport wins it in overtime, Josh Ho-Sang carrying the mail up the left side and finding Kane Lafranchise

Hey, Senators: Binghamton pregame

Always good to see the B-Sens back in here, even if this is the second-to-last time the B-Sens will come in, one way or the other (regular season, at least). Good to see Steve Stirling, Grady

Head, shoulders, knees and… Lehigh Valley postgame

Things could’ve been worse Saturday night. Josh Ho-Sang fell — it was epidemic even before a gash opened up in the ice behind Eamon McAdam’s net in the third — in the circle to McAdam’s left in the

One Jones out: Lehigh Valley pregame

The two scratched forwards from last night are back in tonight, with Travis St. Denis in for Kellen Jones, who’s out with a lower-body injury; team’s hoping that’s short-term, though it sounds like

SHU notes: Pioneers struggling to score

Caught the end of Sacred Heart’s 4-0 loss today to Niagara. And apologized to C.J. Marottolo because I keep catching him on the wrong days. The Pioneers fell to 3-7-2; they came into the day 56th of

Chasing and chasing: WBS postgame

They did everything but score in the first period tonight. They fell behind in the second. They came up short in the third. “It’s frustrating, yeah,” Brent Thompson said. “There are positive notes. We

All hands on deck: WBS pregame

Brent Thompson this morning reiterated that he expects everyone to get in this weekend; those out tonight (Ross Johnston, Travis St. Denis, Loic Leduc, and like we talked about yesterday, perhaps

Gibson still out: Thursday notes

Christopher Gibson’s continued absence, plus taking the time to make the goalie swap yesterday, made it apparent that he was a little more than day-to-day with the lower-body injury he suffered in