Morning, game: Norfolk pregame

Another bright ‘n’ early morning game (since 2003 for crying out loud), and another after election night (Twitter did not give me sufficient notice to hear Tom Foley’s non-concession speech, which sounded fascinating in tweet form). Anyway. Familiar faces like Sudarshan Maharaj, Dave Baseggio and Nate McIver in the building. Lots of young faces around […] [Read More]
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Knock It Off, Day 3/Admirals reinforcements: Tuesday notes

We were warned about David Leggio’s personality coming in. It’s been in clear focus the past few days. Radio appearance early this afternoon, Marek vs. Wyshynski at about 2:20. We chatted a bit about the attention today for tomorrow’s paper. Mike Halmo practiced today; took the whole thing. “One more day of rest can’t hurt,” […] [Read More]

YouTubed: Leggio’s two-on-none toss

We teach knocking off nets in the summer at Leggio Goaltending, along with fixing a "broke" strap and patching bad ice when your tired — Leggio Goaltending (@LeggioGoaltend) November 3, 2014 David Leggio’s net-toss has drawn some attention around the net today. Here’s the video, as posted by SomeHockeyVideos on YouTube. ICYMI, yesterday’s postgame blog […] [Read More]
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Knock it off: Springfield postgame

There was a game, and not a pretty game — well, take it back; not a pretty eight minutes or so — for Bridgeport. But in the years to come, unless the season just goes haywire from here, this is gonna be the day David Leggio dumped the net on a two-on-oh. And we have […] [Read More]

Homecoming: Springfield pregame

From line rushes for Bridgeport’s return home after a couple of weeks away, could be the same lineup as yesterday, or Brett Gallant could get back in for Justin Courtnall (Gallant took the first rush). One to scratch each way. Edit: Courtnall and Gagnon are scratched. Andrey Pedan is coming back up, the team announced; […] [Read More]
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Veteran rule: Albany liveblog

We let a little milestone slip in St. John’s last weekend. When Colin McDonald suited up at the same time as Colton Gillies on Sunday, it was the first time in a little over 10 months that Bridgeport had two honest-to-God AHL veterans in the lineup together. You may recall that the one and only […] [Read More]

Sivak up, three day-to-day: Halloween notes

Happy Halloween. With hockey, field hockey, volleyball and football this week, I’m apparently going as myself 15 years ago. A busy November (14 games in 30 days) begins tomorrow after a busy day today at Wonderland. International Silver Sticks. Marauding kids. Bridgeport got a short but intense skate in amid the kids’ games. But after […] [Read More]
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Pedan to Stockton, attrition: Thursday notes

He wasn’t cracking the top six here with the present cast, so Andrey Pedan got a seat on a plane… though not the best seat. He’ll join Stockton for the Thunder’s two games in Idaho this weekend. Brent Thompson said he’ll be back, but he’s got to play, and with eight defensemen, he wasn’t expected […] [Read More]