Stuff I meant to post earlier

Got tied up with some stuff, most recently the nascent MLB Network; thank you, Neil Best. It’s nice to see baseball as we batten down for this storm, and as they bring down the ol’ ballpark in

All hands on deck

A healthy team, believe it or not. Three goalies, nine defensemen, 14 forwards in practice: John Sullo joked that the second group would be coming out next. Jon Gleed was sent back to Utah after

It’s a Festivus miracle!

It's a Festivus miracle!

Except for Micheal Haley, who’s still under the weather, and Nathan Lawson, who was off to the Island for tests (“He wanted to skate, but he’s got to go through all that first,” Jack Capuano said),

Afternoon stuff

Chris Botta reports that Josh Bailey is ready to go, which apparently means there won’t need to be a replacement for Jeremy Colliton, who’s apparently the sick one. (Edit: Yup, apparently.) Kip’s back

Count the missing?

No help today. No fewer than 10 guys weren’t on the ice. There’s apparently a rampant bug going through the team and its families. Ben Walter and Jeremy Colliton were missing for the good reason,

Happy Monday

Night edit: Make that “unhappy Monday”? Chris Botta reports that Nate Thompson will miss 2-4 weeks with a broken ankle. We’ll see who’s missing in the morning. A bit more than half the team took part

ADMIRAL Kirk… Norfolk II attempted liveblog

(I just like saying that) -Audio link, again, if you need it — and Chris Lee has just scored 30 seconds in, 1-0 Bridgeport. That’s a little better start than the last coupla games. -Stats here. Same