It's Gonna Take a Miracle

Wait, no, it’s not, even on Faith Night. Know what it was going to take? Stuff like the first few shifts tonight. Bentivoglio and Haskins came out hitting, and Nikiforov was getting in there, too.

Pirates off the port bow

Peter Mannino remains on the yo-yo, so Lenny DiCostanzo is in town to back up. A couple of little tweaks to last night’s starting lines is all, although Morency is in tonight. LINEUPS BRIDGEPORT F:

Changeup, outside corner, strike two

So what did Jack Capuano like out of this thing? “I thought the defense did a lot of good things,” Capuano said. “They’ve done a lot of work on headmanning the puck. Their gap control against some

Get Back to Work, 2009 ASB edition

Peter Mannino is here; Len DiCostanzo is not. Jamie Fraser is out with the flu. Colliton is, in fact, back in. And did I ever mention that Dennis Packard did indeed re-up on another PTO? No? Hey,

The king is dead. Long live the king

Big change on the Rangers beat in Westchester. Sam Weinman is moving to Golf Digest. Weinman’s blog was a must-read; he had the sweet combination of information and comedy. He’ll be missed. But look

Break time’s over

Break time's over

The boys are back in town and stuff. Lots of reunions: Smith-McLean-Iggulden back together, Joensuu-Walter-Colliton (he’s ready to go). Mannino is up, but Len DiCostanzo wasn’t here, either. It’s not

Down Up, Leg 2

Blaine Down went to the net to score on a rebound in the first period, and Zurich leads Magnitogorsk 1-0 after one period in the second (and decisive) game of the Champions League final. It’s on