Fata vs. Fan

Michael Sharp has the reason Fata didn’t play for Bingo last night: suspension for an altercation with a fan in Philly.

And now we get to drive home

Lots of good little things on this snowy night, when a whole lot of people (500-plus, supposedly) showed up. Bentivoglio’s unselfish assist. Colliton’s screen. Mannino’s fourth minor, albeit a

Back again

A bunch of familiar names in the Springfield lineup. One who’s not in, leading scorer Ryan Potulny, has an illness in his family. Backup Glenn Fisher is wearing the decidedly un-goalie-like

Neighborhood play

Springfield is within a mile or two as of now, 5:55 p.m. It sounds as if the game will start closer to 7:30. Edit, 6:04 — They’re here. Edit 2, 6:27 – Phil points out that, based on the 30 minutes

What are we doing here?

Avoiding the Parkway, it’s a 12-mile drive for me to get here. It took 45 minutes. The snow is coming down too quickly for them to keep up, even (maybe especially) on the highway. It’s my job to be


There are no plans to call this thing off tonight. Have to love the lead to Springfield’s lead Web-site story: “Despite the forecast of heavy snow and just about every school in Western MA being

Stuff I meant to post earlier

Got tied up with some stuff, most recently the nascent MLB Network; thank you, Neil Best. It’s nice to see baseball as we batten down for this storm, and as they bring down the ol’ ballpark in

All hands on deck

A healthy team, believe it or not. Three goalies, nine defensemen, 14 forwards in practice: John Sullo joked that the second group would be coming out next. Jon Gleed was sent back to Utah after