Injury report

-Haley’s hand is broken. Four to six weeks. -Colliton is skating on his own, though no timetable. -I’m sick as a dog.


The Islanders have traded Brett Skinner to Atlanta for Junior Lessard. More in a bit.

Hands across the water

Haley was going to have the hand evaluated today, so maybe we get an update tomorrow. No other surprises at practice, with the other 14 healthy forwards, eight defensemen and three goalies all

You gotta have Hart

Nathan Lawson just keeps rolling. OK, he was saying as usual, his defense made things easy on him. They kept shots to the outside. OK. Now check out that Anisimov breakaway early in the second period

Hey, look! It’s snowing!

Hey, look! It’s snowing!

Hey, look! It's snowing!

Sitting at a red light in the snow on a not-quite-main road. Up comes a pickup, barreling behind me. Hey, I’ve already been slammed into once in the past couple of weeks. I maneuver myself out of his

One tangent leads to another

Upon further reflection/digging/restless searching that hopefully was recorded accurately, ’cause it was like 5 in the morning and was keeping me up, and now it’s two hours later (no, couldn’t have