By the way, with thanks to Jason Chaimovitch at the league office, we have proof of how far Mike Sillinger has come. His last AHL game was May 11, 1993. The Springfield Indians (remember them?)

Heave away

Let’s start with the most important news out of this game: Bridgeport has itself a victory song. Maybe it’s out of place, but it’s a good one. It came home with them from Newfoundland. (Not sure

You’d think…

You'd think…

…this No. 16 had been in the NHL for 15 years or something.

Been a while

First home game in two long weeks. Chatting as they stretched at the red line: Mark Wotton and Jean-Sebastien Aubin. How’s this for a common bond? Anyway, Sillinger’s in town, in Tim Jackman’s No. 16

A very, very provincial trivia question

Cornwall, Ontario. For one obvious reason, Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island. For a similar obvious reason, Greensboro, N.C. Jason Chaimovitch points out that I’m missing Montreal. And I think

Penal system

On the bright side, it took this long, 19 games, for this team to lose by more than one. (Some years, that took, like, 19 minutes.) It took this long to have a game where a team did enough to draw

Sleigh bells ring

Greetings from snowy Hershey. There’s about an inch of partly-cloudy in the parking lot, as John Walton said. So I finally write the Smith-McLean-Iggulden story for today’s paper. And now look what