No two-goal lead is safe

They dropped back to a 1-2-2. They played their top two defense pairs, maybe, in at least one young’n’s case, overplayed. And they still couldn’t hold the lead. Echoes of Hillen 19:50, it’s a 6-5 game

Youth movement (to IR)

Problem in Uniondale, where Chris Botta reports Kyle Okposo will miss 4-6 weeks with a sprained wrist. It keeps guys up top, anyway. No Colliton: sore knee. Wotton, Lee, Haley, Morency and Hennigar

Adding large numbers

Mitch Fritz is likely to play tonight in Binghamton.

San Antonio wins! That’s right, wins!

San Antonio wins! That’s right, wins!

San Antonio wins! That's right, wins!

The end came for San Antonio yesterday. Second source. Third. (Point for the header reference.)

Added notes…

–Jaime Sifers has up an essay about his trip to The Show. –John Walton points out that not only will Chelios be the oldest player in the AHL now, he’ll be the oldest player in the AHL, ever. Hershey

Change(over) you can believe in

Not quite all hands on deck this morning, though Jesse Joensuu took the full practice (and was, in fact, still out there with Matt Bertani and Mark Wotton as I typed this, like, 40 minutes before this