Bits and pieces, for the moment

–Tim Jackman and Jeremy Colliton are here; Sillinger has obviously gone up. No word if these are long-term deals, or if either might go back up after Wednesday. –Haley, Fraser and Joensuu

“Ladies and gentlemen… the beat goes on”

"Ladies and gentlemen… the beat goes on"

Cool news out of Toronto, where Stratford’s Jaime Sifers has been recalled to the Leafs to go on their western swing. The Leafs have Jonas Frogren and Mike Van Ryn on IR and wanted a seventh

Shooting gallery

The Sound Tigers allowed 46 shots Friday to Hartford. Worcester was credited with 43 Saturday. In three of its past four games, the Sound Tigers have allowed at least 39 shots after not allowing more

Keeper league

There is stunning, mind-boggling, incredible news on the Island today, news that will shake your beliefs to the core and change the way you look at everything from Overspeed to the sun. Josh Bailey is

They just won’t be defeated

They just won't be defeated

This team is really starting to worry me. They proved tonight that they can win on just 13 minutes against a young, maybe-fragile team that’s nominally their archrival. This team might just be OK.

Oh, the Wells Fargo wagon is-a…

…not coming down the street with Dennis Packard’s uniform system. In the absence of his No. 22 sweater, which is supposedly lost in somebody’s package system somewhere in New Jersey (coincidentally