Dealing with the Devils

Andrew MacDonald gets the rotating rest on defense. Fritz replaces Haley, and Walter’s return moves Colliton to right wing: LINEUPS BRIDGEPORT F: Smith-McLean-Iggulden Comeau-Walter-Colliton (A)

Jacked up

Tim Jackman is in fact the man getting the call. Ben Walter and Mitch Fritz appear to be in tonight’s lineup here. BTW, completely forgot to check the Binghamton game last night, but look who was

Blowin’ up

Blowin’ up

Blowin' up

(Blown up out of the earlier comment, sorry for the delay…) So Mitch Fritz came back down this afternoon, and Ben Walter is also on the transactions report; his official assignment to Bridgeport

Wally World

A little lighter day today, with the forwards playing against the defensemen, three-on-three. The big news of the morning is that it appears Ben Walter may be cleared. He’s feeling good, and it sounds

What a way to make a living

In the header for the liveblog, I typoed in an extra I. “CF101 VII.” Had that first goal held up for Wilkes-Barre, there might not have ever been a CF101 VII. Dec. 17, 2003 – WBS 3, BPT 2 (5130) The

Once is a fluke, twice is a coincidence, six times is a pattern: CF101 VI

Final: BPT 3, WBS 2. The long morning nightmare is over. More in a bit. 15:33 third: Bridgeport survived a Penguins power play with a couple of scoring chances. Shots are 26-23 Bridgeport. 11:01