Just 28 shopping days

Cool stuff first: Debbie and Ray Lietuvninkas from the Booster Club had the boys signing ornaments after practice. The club will begin selling them at Friday’s game, with proceeds going to Ronald

Optional practice

Blog: Not optional (though we’re killed for space this week in print). So Dennis Packard is in; he’ll wear 22. Andrew MacDonald will be off skates for a couple of days. Micheal Haley (just called an

Sometimes we’re bound for Liverpool…

Sometimes we're bound for Liverpool…

Hadn’t heard that song more than, oh, the 35 times they played it in those two games at Mile One in 2002. Now it’s stuck in my head. Yikes. Anyway. The ECHL transactions say that Utah has loaned


By the way, with thanks to Jason Chaimovitch at the league office, we have proof of how far Mike Sillinger has come. His last AHL game was May 11, 1993. The Springfield Indians (remember them?)

Heave away

Let’s start with the most important news out of this game: Bridgeport has itself a victory song. Maybe it’s out of place, but it’s a good one. It came home with them from Newfoundland. (Not sure

You’d think…

You'd think…

…this No. 16 had been in the NHL for 15 years or something.