The best to you each morning

Whose bright idea was playing this thing the day after Election Day? If I wake up, I’ll try to do a bit of live-bloggin’. Meanwhile, marvel at WBS’ second line, full of letters: LINEUPS BRIDGEPORT F:

This Space Intentionally Left Blank

No lines in Soundin’ Off’s polling place around 1 p.m., though you’d figure lines should dissipate freely with this fill-in-the-circle system we’re so lucky to have. With the cool, old voting

Parrish the thought?

Michael Russo reports that Mark Parrish is off to sign with Dallas. Not confirmed here yet, but Russo’s the best. Edit: The Dallas Morning News concurs.

Fata back east…

The Sasha Nikulin story ended with a local angle: Nikulin for Drew Fata. (Thanks to Mike Sharp for the heads-up.)

Killer instinct, or just killer?

Would you trust this team to bury a gerbil right now? This is five times in 11 games that they have built a two-goal lead and then let it disappear. The only good news is they have six out of those 10

Ooh la la

Jerome Samson makes his first appearance of the season series. (So does Michael Ryan.) If you haven’t seen Mike Sharp’s blog, or if you haven’t read us about last night, go there first, then get

Somewhere, Greg Cronin is smiling

First of all: No. Physics makes it difficult to believe that puck was in. It’s almost impossible for it to have completely crossed the goal line and come out along the line. Maybe there’s super spin.

B4, B5, B6, B8: Bingo

Yes, that joke was lame the first time. Though I like that the numbers all work. Just caught on Botta that Rick DiPietro had another knee surgery and is out four to six weeks. Lawson/Mole ’08 is a