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A new pair of sneakers

In many ways, Tuesday was an ordinary day.

In the morning, I finished writing an article and did research for a future one.  I did errands for things my kids needed.   In the afternoon, I ran outside with a friend for eight miles, picked up my twins from an after-school activity, drove my son and his friends home from track practice, and made sure everyone did their homework.  In the evening, I watched my twins perform in a musical production, and drove my middle son home from his club meeting.

But yet, one event happened on this day that made it not so ordinary.  I bought new running sneakers.

To many people, buying sneakers would also be considered ordinary—perhaps even kind of boring.  Buying jewelry, clothing, electronics, music, or even home decorations might be a lot more fun.

But to a runner, getting a new pair of sneakers is a very exciting event.  It doesn’t matter if you buy them every few months, nor if you get the exact same brand and color each time, nor even if you always buy them from the same store.

To a runner, a new pair of sneakers means an opportunity for future runs.  It’s an anticipation of covering new ground—or even old ground.  It’s a chance to see if you can get faster or go farther.  It’s a learning experience to find out the latest technology.  It’s a topic of conversation to discover what other runners think of them.  It’s a symbol of accomplishment of everything you’ve already achieved in the sport, and a commitment to see if you’ll be able to meet your goals for the future.   Finally, it’s a feeling of thankfulness that you’re still healthy and able to run.

To a runner, buying a new pair of sneakers means all of this, and so much more.

I bought new sneakers on Tuesday, and that’s why it was a great day.

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