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Getting sick

I take great care of myself.  I eat healthy, for the most part.  I exercise every day.  I dress appropriately for the weather. I’m getting enough sleep.  I don’t indulge in bad habits.  I’m usually not too stressed and I’m in a good mood every day.

So, therefore I’m superwoman and can’t get sick, right?


Along with some other members of my family, I caught a really bad cough and cold earlier this week.

I last had a cold….?  I can’t remember when.

Why do I always think I’m invincible just because I’m an athlete?  I need to stop thinking this right away.

I’m pretty messy when I get a cold.  I leave a trail of tissues wherever I go.  I look like Rudolph and sound like Kermit the Frog.  I make lots of  loud snorting, honking, and throat-clearing sounds in public.

So, does having a cold have an impact on my running?

Well, no…and yes.  It makes running a little bit uncomfortable.

Still, I’m sticking with my training plan, just taking it a bit easy on the runs.  On the coldest days this past week, I’ve been making use of the treadmill at my gym instead of running outdoors.  I’m drinking lots more than usual to stay hydrated.

Despite having a cold, this will be the third week in a row that I’ll have run over 40 miles!  How cool is that!

Cold, what cold?  I’ve already forgotten about my cold and look forward to my next run.  :)

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