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Practicing safe running

As a birthday gift, a friend bought me a Road ID bracelet that I will wear whenever I go running alone.  This bracelet contains my name, city and state I live in, as well as phone numbers of my family members.  In case I get injured on the road, when help comes they’ll immediately be able to contact my family to inform them of what happened and where they can find me.  Also, they can access my medical records and contact my physician to find out my blood type, medical information, and any allergies I may have.  My chances of recovery will most likely be much quicker due to wearing a Road ID.

The Road ID will give me peace of mind while I’m out on the road.  And it can save my life.  Thank you, Kathy.

While we’re on the subject of safety, here are some other easy measures runners should take in order to stay safe:

  1. Always run against traffic.  You need to see what’s coming at you.  If a car is swerving or going very fast, by seeing it coming, you will have more time to get out of the way.
  2. Don’t wear headphones.  This was a huge adjustment for me, since on the treadmill I always listen to music.  You want to be aware of your surroundings and should have all your senses on alert.   If you’re really dependent on your music, run with your headphones in only one ear or with the volume on very low.
  3. When crossing the street, make sure drivers see you.  Don’t just put up your hand or assume they are looking at you simply because you’re standing in front of their car.  Actually make eye contact with the driver, who may be distracted with a cell phone or texting.
  4. Change your route frequently.  If you’re running through the same exact streets, in the same exact order, at the same exact time every day, it would be very easy for a predator to track you down.
  5. Wear reflective clothing if you’re running at dawn, dusk, in the fog or rain, or in any other condition where visibility is poor.  Run with the brightest clothing you own, or even with a reflective belt around your waist, like my son and his track team members wear.  You want to be clearly seen by all drivers from as far away as possible.

Running is a fun, healthy sport and by following these guidelines it will also be a safe sport.

See you on the roads!

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