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A sense of belonging

How did you do on your 20K marathon today?

How many miles is that other marathon you’re training for?

I hope you didn’t run too fast, you can ruin your knees.

I hear it may rain tomorrow, you better not go running.

Wait, did you just say you’re able to talk while you run?

Aren’t you getting too old for running? Leave that to kids your son’s age.

Is that how you stay so thin, you force yourself to run every day?

The only time you’ll see me run is if someone shouts “fire!”

Whenever I come home from a race, my answering machine is filled with messages from my non-running friends, asking me how it went. I’m very happy to have such well-meaning and caring friends. I love them all dearly. It wasn’t long ago that I was a non-runner myself, so I can totally relate to their questions and concerns.

However, the longer I’ve been running, the more I’ve come to appreciate the other runners in my life. There’s nothing I look forward to more all week than Saturday mornings when I go to my running group. It’s much more than just about running with them, although I do love that too. It’s really about hanging out after our run. It’s a wonderful feeling when you’re in a room with others who share a common interest. We all speak the same language.

While it’s great to have friends with other interests, I strongly recommend also meeting people who share your own. You never have to validate what you do, nor explain why you spend so much time at it. They completely understand where you’re coming from. And people who share the same interests tend to be very supportive of one another.

To meet people in your area who share your passion, do a search online. There’s probably a few active websites you can find. If you like to play a certain sport, contact a local store that specializes in selling products for that sport. Or, call a local fitness center. Ask around. Most of the time, like with everything else, you’ll find out about it through word of mouth.

I’ll forever be grateful to Alene and Jack for founding such a great running group, whose members have enriched my life in so many ways. If it wasn’t for this group, I would never be training for a marathon right now. I’m absolutely certain of this. A huge thank you to the Woodbridge gang!!!

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