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Making priorities and setting goals

On Wednesday, according to my marathon training plan, I had to run 12 miles.  And I’ll admit it—if I’m not running with friends, you can still find me on the treadmill at my gym.

This was the longest number of miles I’d ever run on the treadmill, and I learned something new about it.  It will only let you go on for 90 minutes at a time before stopping and resetting itself.    In the 11th mile, without any warning, it did this and I was so startled I almost fell off it.  It was a little frustrating since I had to then wait a bit until I could start it again and continue.  I suppose the people who programmed it figured 90 minutes was long enough for anyone to be on a treadmill at one time!

90 minutes.

This got me thinking.

90 minutes is, in fact, a very long time to devote to any one activity.  I realized I don’t spend 90 minutes on any given day during the week with my husband.  I also don’t spend 90 minutes with each of my four children.  What’s even more upsetting, I thought, is I don’t even spend 90 minutes a day with my entire family in total!  90 minutes of quality time, that is.

Aside from my job, the longest amount of time I spend every day is on exercising.  I realize I need to do something about this.  My family is my priority and without their support, I wouldn’t be training for this marathon in the first place.

As Kathy says, “Taking stock of your priorities and then making sure you’re setting aside time to focus on the things that are most important will take you a long way toward achieving your goals.”

So, I will now set a new goal for myself, which is to spend as much quality time each day with my family members as I do on training for the marathon.  I will match it.  Whether it’s 30, 60, or even 90 minutes that I’m running on any given day, I will spend the same amount of time with my family on that day as well.

My kids are getting older and I’m fully aware they may no longer be interested in spending that exclusive time with me, but I will try.  For my kids, this can mean getting an ice cream, having a talk in the car on the way to an errand, or hanging out with them in the house.  For my husband, it’s about turning off the TV and other distractions to talk about how our days went, taking a walk around the block, or going out alone for a soda.

What are your priorities and goals?  Are you meeting them?  If not, see what you can do to change this.

No one is perfect and there are no guarantees we’ll be successful at achieving our goals every day.  That’s okay.  At least we’ll give it our best shot.

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