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An injury in the house


Within the past few weeks, the tides of running have shifted in my house. For the first time ever, I’ve become the lead runner in my family.  My weekly mileage has overtaken my son’s.

His track team has been steadily increasing its mileage for awhile now. He had reached about 40 miles a week when something happened.


He got his first running injury–tendinitis.  He now has to take off for several weeks.

My mileage has also been steadily increasing and I now often have 45 or even 50 or more mile weeks.  In addition, many of my long runs now far exceed my son’s long runs–just prior to his injury.

I am his mother. I am 28 years older than him.  Should I be doing this kind of mileage? Will I become injured as well?

One of my marathon training books says “To achieve peak performance, you train to just beneath the point where your body would break down if you crossed the line.  If you are a marathoner seeking peak performance, the ideal is to determine–within a 10th of a mile–the weekly mileage at which your body self-destructs.”

That doesn’t sound too comforting.

Granted, I’m in fantastic shape, probably the best shape of my life. But so is my son.  No one is immune to injury.

I’m proud of my son because—as part of the cross-training plan his coach gave him, he has been very diligent with aqua jogging and cycling. He joined a local YMCA and has been going every day after school, during the time he would normally be running. I did one of his cycling workouts with him Wednesday. It was very challenging and we both had a great workout.

Yet, in the car on the way home he sadly confessed he didn’t get the same satisfaction from the workout as he gets from running.

I agree with him.  It’s just not the same.

I truly hope my son heals up very quickly and gets back out on the streets with the rest of his team.  And I also hope, just as much, that I’ll get to marathon day without developing any injuries of my own.

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