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Spring is in the air


Can you hear that?

If you were outdoors on Sunday for any length of time, you probably did.

It was the sound of birds.   Lots and lots of birds.

Even though the calendar still says winter, spring was definitely in the air on Sunday when Kathy and I ran two laps (about 15.5 miles) around Lake Waramaug State Park.

It was about 50 degrees, which meant….shorts weather! We got to run in shorts!  And our gloves and hats were left in the car.

There were other signs of spring as well.  A lot of ice from the lake, which had been frozen solid the last time I was there with friends from my running group, had melted.  In many places, we could see the crystal clear blue water shining through as the sun beat down on it.

In some parts of the water, there were…..ducks!  They looked so peaceful and happy to be there, and I was very glad to see them as well.

At one point during our run, I was startled to hear a very loud honking sound.  Of course, I first thought it was dogs and became frightened.   It turned out to be the sound of more ducks, honking very close to us!

During our run, we encountered many people on bicycles, as well as several other runners and some walkers.  There were also groups of people hanging around by the picnic table area.  All of us were greatly enjoying the warmer temperature.

We saw some signs of flowers budding, and Kathy even said she saw grape trees!

Spring reminds me of something else—the marathon!  Marathon day is quickly approaching and the nice weather is helping me get into a marathon mindset.

What are your goals this spring?  Get outside and make them happen!

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