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Fear…..and the unknown

It’s Tuesday morning as I write this, and at this moment, I am injured.

I intended to run 16 miles the other day.  I barely got started when I had to stop.  I felt a lot of pain in my lower right calf.   This is not the leg that bothered me last week.  That leg got better!

Since that time, I have not run.  I have only cross-trained–taking my weight class and using the stationary bike at the gym.  Tapering is one thing, but I’m not running at all!  This is very, very frustrating.

I realize many runners get injured.  There are runners in my running group who are injured, as well as famous runners who I hear about.  I know of some who showed up to a marathon, began running, and had to drop out due to injuries.

I’m scheduled to see a doctor about my leg today so by the time you read this, I will already know what he said.   I will give an update on Friday.

Whatever happens, I have no regrets about training for this marathon and can always put my training to good use for other, smaller races such as half marathons.   Also, I would definitely consider re-training in the future for another full marathon.  I will still go to the New Jersey Marathon to cheer for my friends.

If something unexpected happens to you with regard to your own training, don’t let it get to you.  Here are some ways you can cope with this:

a-Immerse yourself in other activities that you still can do, such as other kinds of exercise.

b-Focus on getting other priorities and tasks accomplished in your life, such as those that are work- or family-related.

c-Do your homework!  Learn as much as you can about your injury, how you think you got it, and if there is something you should have done differently that could have prevented it.

d-Don’t stress!  (Especially while doing letter “c!)”  You can’t turn back the clock, you can only go forward.  Simply be thankful for everything else you have in your life, all the special people in it, and count your blessings!

There, just by writing this, I have cheered myself up!

Tune into Friday’s blog to see if Marathon Mom can still be a Marathon Mom on May 5th!


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