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“We will find you a June marathon.”

These were the first words Kathy said to me the moment I told her I couldn’t run in this marathon.  This is exactly what I’m planning to do (and what will greatly improve my mood these days) — set my sights on another marathon.

The good part about this time of year is it’s prime marathon season, so there are plenty of marathons taking place everywhere for the next few months and after.

While I’m planning this however, my priority is for my calf to get better. This may take a few days, a few weeks, or longer. Whenever it does get better, though, I won’t be able to automatically jump right into another marathon since I will have already lost some fitness by that time. Although I’m being very diligent about cross-training, it’s not the same as running, and certainly not the same as training for a marathon. So, it would then take me some more time to get back into the condition I had previously been in right before I got injured.

According to an article in “Runner’s World” when coming back from an injury, “runner and sports podiatrist Stephen Pribut, D.P.M., warns runners to beware the “terrible toos”—doing too much, too soon, too fast. This is the number one cause of self-inflicted running injuries. The body needs time to adapt from training changes…If you rush that process, you could break down rather than build up. If you missed some training time, don’t accelerate the pace and distance of your remaining workouts in an effort to ‘catch up.’ Instead, adjust your goals as needed.”

With all that being said, as I sit by my computer right now, perhaps I will do a search for a June Marathon…. :)

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