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Faster than a speeding bullet; Persuasion

A few days ago, on January 5, 2014, I had an urge to look up George Reeves. I hadn’t thought about the actor in decades, but loved him as Superman when I was a kid in the 50’s. I looked up GR and
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Recent Overheards

Recently overheard in passing: 1. On the pedestrian bridge at Chambers that leads to Stuyvesant High, one girl to another: “I was really into him until I recognized his jerkness.” 2. On Thompson and
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Leaves: Two Points of View

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Halloween 2013

  Just before Halloween I came across a photograph of a young Gerard Manley Hopkins in costume (1856). On October 30, I saw a film at NYU’s Skirball Center, of the London Rep production of

Four Overheards in a Row

Everyone’s back from the summer; the quiet streets are again filled with pedestrians. Today, a harvest of “overheard-in-passing” comments: In a bookstore on Crosby St., a young mother to her twin(?)
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Hi Lines

Walking today in a light rain south on the High  Line, I saw these placards of philosophical observations and advice.      
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Caleb and Tracy (watercolor)

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Randomly Overheard

  4-14-13, Reade and Church; a group of young women. One says: “He said, Why not kill me right now.” He had a “don’t-even-bother-to-play-with-me” attitude.”   5/7/13, Vandam and Hudson. Girl on
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