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A Broom Wedding

One summer day, Mr. Push-Broom asked Miss
Sweep-Broom to be his bride. “Oh, my dear Mr.
Broom, yes! I will be your wife! And you will be
my groom!” She blushed, and kissed his scratchy
brown moustache.
The wedding was held in a cathedral on
Broome Street. The organ had been cleaned
the day before, by a crew of Pipe Cleaners.
The guest list included many local brooms
and brushes, but only one human being: the
Chimney Sweep.
Fillip the Table Crumber ushered in slow old Mr.
Twig Broom, who scratched his way up the steps
and down the aisle. Mrs. Whisk Broom followed.
She swished briskly to the front since she could
not hear very well.
The Mopsy Twins chose seats in the last row
as their pet, Feather Duster, had a tendency
to sneeze. Their string bottoms polished the
pew as they slid in. Their sidekick, Bucket,
was stocked with rags for sneezes and for
joyous tears.
Other guests consisted of the entire Toothbrush
clan, assorted Hair Brushes, Complexion Brushes,
Paste Brushes, Back Brushes and Loofahs, as well
as a medley of Combs. Across the aisles they
bantered, exchanging Clean jokes.
At the last minute, squeaky Mr. Carpet Sweeper
rolled in, scattering rug fuzz in his haste. Luckily
Mrs. Vacuum Cleaner followed, and neatened the
aisle of rug fuzz, and the rice and confetti that
had spilled.
Miss Sweep Broom made a sweet bride. Over her
straw she wore a lace gown. Her broomstick was
freshly painted red. Mr. Push Broom had had his
mustache trimmed at great expense, and he wore
a black tie.
Judge Scrub Brush presided brusquely. The witness,
Mr. Dust Pan, was shy. The ring bearer, young
Eyebrow Brush, flirted with the flower girl, Lint
Brush, who wore colorful Dust Bunnies on top
of her head.
The party afterward was held in the janitor’s
quarters of the rectory. There was plenty of
Lemon-Fresh Sponge Cake for all. A choir of
Sable Brushes swished in unison and crooned
old melodies. Straw Broom played “Here Come
the Brooms” on a snare drum, and all the
little Mushroom Brushes got up and twirled.
After the party it was time to bid the newlyweds
adieu. Mr. and Mrs. P. Broom climbed into a
Bucket-on-Wheels and were swept away.
Streamers, rice and confetti flew everywhichway.
There was but one thought on everyone’s mind:
“What a lot of cleaning up we’ll get to do!”
Where did the newlyweds honeymoon? Some
guessed they went on a Nairobi safari, aboard
a Street Sweeper. Others speculated it was an
Amazon cruise, led by an exotic Swab. But no
one really knew.
Well, wherever they went, the Brooms soon
returned, safe and sound to their cozy new
Broom Room. You may be sure it was the
cleanest, tidiest broom closet in the city.
But once a litter of Little Brooms came along…
©2009 Jane Freeman All rights reserved

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