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Rockaway Beach

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Snow Massifs

Turns out the blizzard has coated NYC with over 20 inches. Everywhere are icy fields. What a treat: Macadam and pavement are whited out, under a bone-grey sky. This morning at around 8:00 I take the dogs out. In the past couple of days we’ve seen very few people but colossal dog breeds: light-grey Malamute, […] [Read More]

There’s Snow Place like Home

Second day of the big snow. Yesterday’s slippery slush now is buried under many feet of full, fat, dry flakes. Ms. Church on WPIX says seventeen inches cover Central Park. The other weather-people again urge caution: “Stay home if you possibly can! Airports and schools are closed! Treacherous conditions!” There is, indeed, a ubiquitous whiteout […] [Read More]
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I awake in the dark and the TV confirms that yes indeed, we are experiencing precipitation in the form of a snowstorm. More precisely, it’s a slushstorm, and not expected to abate until the morrow. The anchors on three stations (I change channels to see if they concur) advise everyone to “stay home if at […] [Read More]
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What glues me to earth: not gravity, but the daily sweep; the hint of the mourning dove; an unexpected slash of paint. [Read More]

Overheard in February: “Not Brain Dead”

When: 2/2. Where: Greenwich Street. Who: Little boy (about 5) among friends. Attitude: Jubilant. Quote: “I’m so glad I’m going to the dentist!” When: 2/3. Where: Greenwich Village. Who: Young woman to friends. Attitude: Cheery. Quote: “I’ll be coming over in a couple of weeks to try out your bidet.” When: 2/4. Where: inside the […] [Read More]

Thoreau’s Hawk-Walks

Have been listening to and reading the works of Thoreau as I paint. Amazed to discover someone other than me who shares the following sentiment, from “Walking”: “My spirits infallibly rise in proportion to the outward dreariness.” [Read More]

January, by the River

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Regretful in the downfall of snow flurries, Unable to see their frozen symmetries — but – When a lacy floret mass glazes my tongue I taste unseen geometries. [Read More]
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Overheard: Texting Princess Lassie

When: 1/13/10. Where: Hudson and N. Moore, Tribeca. Who: Girl to guy. Attitude: Smug. Quote: “I have great peripheral vision.” When: 1/14/10. Where: The A train. Who: African American teenager to boyfriend. Attitude: Resigned. Quote: “Well, that’s Harlem for you. It’s so small, everyone knows everyone.” When: 1/21/10. Where: Washington Square South. Who: Little boy […] [Read More]