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Recently Overheard

~ In Tribeca, man to friend, sardonically: “If he pays for the drinks, I’ll laugh at his jokes.”

~ In Chelsea, in front of a Japanese culinary store, German tourists, girl to her boyfriend, drily: “I don’t think they’ll let us take knives on board.”

~ On Prince St., woman on cell, perturbed and intense: “Look here – those ten apples are going to go bad!”

~ In Soho: white girl to black male friend, disdainfully: “I’m not about to marry him and have to wake up next to him every morning.”

~ 13th St. Man to man, ruefully: “They say the economy is improving, but I don’t see it.”

~ Greenwich St., couple with baby to couple with dog, jovially: “We like your dog.” Couple with dog: “We like your baby.” Couple with baby: “Want to swap?” Couple with dog, “Maybe.”

~ Seventh Ave, guy at food vendor, firmly: “Less rice and more gyro.”

~ Laight St., female cop in cruiser to woman who stopped to let her pass, cheerfully, “Darling, go right ahead. It’s a beautiful day and I have all the time in the world.”

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