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Overheard in Spring


3/18/12. Chambers Street. Man to friend, earnest: “When those girls come over, you can’t act like a womanizer!”

3/28/23. Wooster Street. Man to friend, sarcastically patient: “If Jerry wants darker bulbs on his floor, then let him have them.”

4/5/12. Sullivan Street. Woman to friend, matter-of fact: “I always eat a lot of artichoke hearts.”

4/5/12. Harrison St. Man to woman, avoiding being hit by a messenger bike, sardonic: “I always say, if I’m going to be hit by some vehicle, it’d better not be a bike.”

4/8/12. Hudson River. Young woman to friend, jogging: “I think I’m kind of retired. I do whatever I want.”

4/14/12. The Ear Inn, upstairs art opening. Man to group of men: “I can’t afford anything in New York anymore, but I’m working on my website.”

4/14/12. The Ear Inn, upstairs art opening. Man to man:  “If you have a condo, why do you also need a house?”

4/18/12. Laguardia Place. Man on cell phone, drily: “We’re going to auction off our kids to the highest bidder.”

4/19/12. Hudson Street. Middle-aged postal clerk to customer, affably: “I used to like to be the first one of the season to wear shorts, but I don’t do that anymore.”

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