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Melville’s Study

Even though I’ve built more than 200 miniatures, I’ve made only three in the last ten years, and all have to do with Melville. Reading Moby-Dick, I recreated the Spouter Inn facade, and the room where


This morning, by the river.
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Down with Technology when Technology is Down

Photo of Melville’s Writing Table at Arrowhead And in Miniature Utopia may be a mere idea, but who would argue against the actual existence of dystopia? I don’t believe for a minute that any previous

Recently Overheard

~ In Tribeca, man to friend, sardonically: “If he pays for the drinks, I’ll laugh at his jokes.” ~ In Chelsea, in front of a Japanese culinary store, German tourists, girl to her boyfriend, drily: “I

Identification (a story)

He sat in his dingy, crowded little kitchen, with a thwarted philodendron leaning close, and added a dab of jam to a bowl of yogurt. He thought of the woman in the coffee shop he’d seen the day
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The Art Collector (a story)

I was delayed again at the hospital. The tests had become increasingly long, complex, and uncomfortable. The journey from the Medical Center to the frame house in North Jersey where I still lived with
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One-two, One Two

Two-twelve p.m., 1-2-12, Hudson River.
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Wrap Song

Twas the day after Christmas and all through the streets, not a creature was stirring, except for the rats. The gift wrap is blowing in glittery sheets, and at heights in the clouds, like torn-paper
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