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Look for the sign off of West Avenue in Milford

BeaverBrook Trails in Milford, Connecticut is an express hike that you can fit into any spring afternoon. Totaling 1.3 miles, it is a wonderful way to get in some nature walking without a full day’s commitment. Easily accessible from West Avenue, it is a nature adventure that is practically in your own back yard.

The entire trail is enveloped by tall trees. It is beautiful in early spring while the trees are bald, and becomes a lush delight as the leaves fill in for summer. A true escape, you will forget that you are only moments away from Milford’s bustling main roads. BeaverBrook’s pond is the serene nucleus of the hide-away trail. The entire walking path encircles the body of water. The route is direct with little confusion or fuss, with plenty of interesting details to encourage you along. A delicate footbridge paves part of the trail, adding enchantment to the natural surroundings. Tall cattails spring from the earth, creating a natural wall that is other-worldly.  There is a busy wildlife population, including song birds and migrating birds. Pairs of doves honeymoon in many of the trees.

An elegant view of BeaverBrook Trails

BeaverBrook Trails is a great place for walking dogs, just make sure to keep them on a leash during your visit.

There is no cost for admission or parking – just a priceless view. The trail opens at sunrise and closes at sunset. Be courteous and pick up after dogs and avoid littering. No camping or fires are allowed. BeaverBrook Trails is considered marshland, so take recent rains into consideration before planning your visit. The trail is walkable after rains, but not sneaker-friendly.

Don’t be cheap with safety: Always hike in pairs or groups, and never after sunset.

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  2. Will says:

    I agree w/ OP – its a fascinating place in a town with not much open land. Definite go to place for a quick Sunday afternoon walk!