About Gabby (Jan Lynn)

Gabby has been teaching psychology at the college level for 13 years and working with children and families for 14 years. Working with abused children, domestic violence cases and incarcerated women, it has become very clear that a common denominator is the family disconnection many of these individuals have had in their childhoods.

Gabby has also been doing parenting and developmental workshops throughout Connecticut and regularly receives thank you notes from parents who have implemented fundamental changes in their interactions with their children, resulting in more peaceful environments and more positive family connections.

As an Early Childhood Consultant, Gabby has also provided early childhood settings with support and advice to enhance children’s learning and emotional development.

A regular closing statement for Gabby is to remind people of Maya Angelou’s wisdom when she says, “When you know better, you do better.”

Recognizing that children are all brilliant and loving upon their arrival in the world, it is critical to understand their unique needs and special qualities so that the provisions and styles of nurturing best meet those needs and qualities.