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Wakeman Travel: Fairfield Drops Tough Game To Mount Vernon

Fairfield fell to Mount Vernon 58-45 on Sunday night.

Fairfield got down early and couldn’t recover. Fairfield trailed 16-12 after one.

Both teams were pressing from the start of the game through the entire game.

Fairfield was able to break the pressure thanks to Aidan Kudzy taking the defender one on one and getting the ball over half court and setting up the offense. At times, Kudzy, who played with great hustle the entire game, was able to break the pressure enough to get easy layups.

The second quarter was pretty even and at half, Fairfield trailed 26-22.

Mount Vernon was able to break the game open in the 3rd. They had their largest lead of the game with 2:45 to play in the third at 41-26. After 3, Fairfield trailed 44-31.

Fairfield couldn’t get back into the game in the fourth and fell 58-45.

In the loss, Fairfield was led by Kudzy’s 11 and Hayes Kelchner had 10

Shawn Sailer