Synchronized Swimmers Make a Splash at Regional Meet: 48 Qualify for Age Group Nationals

The New Canaan YMCA Aquianas Synchronized Swim Team qualified 48 athletes for the upcoming Age Group Nationals at the Regional Championship held May 19 and 20 in Schenectady, New York.  The large Aquianas team of 63 athletes competed against 87 other athletes from 3 synchronized swimming teams at the Regional Championship.   “Our team has grown dramatically in recent years,” said head coach Jen Muzyk, “but our athletes continue to show strong team work and sportsmanship.”

10 and under Intermediates pictured from left to right: Kate Glatzhofer, Allie Orphanos, Eva Spangler, Meredith Waldron, Nina Robbe, Lauren Young, Emma Greco, Emma Reiter. Photo credit: Adele Greco

The Aquianas started the competition off strong with the 10 & Under Intermediates.  In the team event, first place went to teammates Nina Robbe, Eva Spangler, Kate Glatzhofer, Emma Reiter, Alexandra Orphanos, Lauren Young, Meredith Waldron and Emma Greco.  In the trio competition, first place went to Orphanos, Young, and Glatzhofer followed closely in second place by the trio of Isabella Wilkinson, Jacquline Prata, and Greco.  Duet partners Robbe and Spangler earned first, and second went to partners Glatzhofer and Reiter.  Soloists Robbe, Spangler and Prata took first, second and third respectively.

The 11/12 Intermediate trio of Nicole Vanderlee, Megan Waldron, and Rory Washecka took first place as did Vanderlee’s solo.  The duet of Valentina Londono and Sofia Wilkinson earned second place.

The 13& Over Intermediate Team of Vanderlee, Waldron, Washecka, Londono, Wilkinson and Pamela Chajon took second place. Second place went to the duet of Jessica Moss and Chajon.  Moss took first place in the solo competition.

“I am so proud of our intermediates,” said assistant coach Thea Bardin. “This group is new to the team.  They have shown strong dedication to the sport of synchronized swimming.  The girls worked hard to win their medals.”  Although the intermediates do not move on to nationals, they will compete in the upcoming Zone Championship in Buffalo. The top 3 finishers in each Age Group event advance to Zones and then to the National Competition

The Aquianas continued to show high scores with the 11/12 Age Group teams.  First place went to teammates Katie Chidley, Katherine Connolly, Eileen Flynn, Brooke Glatzhofer, Rachel Panzano, Olivia Weiss, Emma Tchakmakjian, and Eliza Wetmore who were followed closely by a second place finish from teammates Victoria Walters, Olivia Buckley, Julia Tong, Larsen Klein, Katie Lydon, Sophie Price, Maddie Sturke, and Claire Batchelor.  In the trio event, gold went to Chidley, Flynn, and Wetmore and silver to Panzano, Weiss, and Katherine Reiter.  Duet partners Chidley and Connolly placed first, Glatzhofer and Wetmore took second and Batchelor and Audrey Millar placed third.  Soloists Connolly and Tchakmakjian earned first and second respectively.

The 13/15 Age Group teams kept pace, with first place going to teammates Alice Chidley, Katie Farrell, Emma Flynn, Camilla Kline, Alexandra Lin, Isabella Montgomery, Teresa Salamone, and Hannah Vogel, and second place going to teammates Katherine Greco, Lauren LaPorta, Natalia Londono, Jessica Moss, Sierra Rojas-Thomas, and Ashley Evans.  In the trio event, gold went to Chidley, Montgomery, and Vogel and silver went to Kline, Salamone, and Ophelie Tousignant.  Duet partners Lin and Montgomery earned gold. Second place in duet went to Chidley and Flynn.  Soloists Lin, Farrell and LaPorta placed first, second and third respectively.

The 16/17 Age Group Team followed suit with Renee Collett, Diya Banerjee, Selena Liu, Emily Roney, Eliza Sturgeon, Rebecca Trinklein, Erin Wheeler, and Jennifer O’Neil bringing home the gold.  The top 3 trio spots went to the Aquianas, with Collett, Roney, and Wheeler at number one, Kate Dalia, Sturgeon, and Trinklein at number two and Banerjee, Liu, and O’Neill at number three.  Duets also took the top 3 spots with first place going to Collett and Wheeler, second place going to Trinklein and Molly Flynn, and third place going to Liu and Sturgeon.  Soloists Roney and Dalia earned first and third respectively.

The 18/19 Age Group finished strong with second place going to the trio of Sarah Dittmeier, Jessie Kravet, and Chirlein Pang. Soloist Dittmeier earned first place.

Age Group Nationals will be held June 22-30 in Miami, Ohio.  For more information about synchronized swimming at the New Canaan YMCA contact head coach Jen Muzyk at