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Little Leaguers Help Carry Out Theme of Memorial Day Parade

Since today was Memorial Day, that meant it was time to hold another parade in downtown Westport. And as per usual, the parade had hundreds of marchers, ranging from veterans to school band members to Little League teams. And even though they themselves may not know it, when Little Leaguers march, it helps carry out […] [Read More]

Nifty and Perhaps Thrifty: 50/70

Right now, the registration is occurring for the 50/70 travel season for 10, 11, and 12 year-olds on the Westport Baseball and Softball website ( This league, with the distance of the pitcher’s mound being 50 feet from home plate, and the base paths being 70 feet apart, attempts to create a smoother transition from […] [Read More]

Staples Baseball Youth Day!

            Tomorrow, Friday the 11th, is the Staples Baseball Youth Day, sponsored by the Diamond Club. It’s a great chance for all kids, especially Little Leaguers, to see one of the biggest Staples sports team showcase itself in a huge game against currently undefeated Greenwich. It’s also an exciting opportunity for some eager athletes […] [Read More]

Staples Boys and Girls Track Both Unbeaten

Both the Staples HS girls and boys outdoor track teams are a perfect 7-0 this season. The boys, coming off their indoor State Open championship, have lived up to expectations, winning by an average score of 124-26, while the girls have exceeded expectations, winning by a similarly impressive score of 104-41. Both teams have also […] [Read More]
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Coach Pitch: Cool Protocol

        It seems every Little League baseball player only wants to do two things: hit and pitch.                                           But if coaches let every kid pitch who had the desire, games would probably never end. Particularly for the younger age groups.         So that is why I think the Coach Pitch leagues, for kindergarten through second grade, […] [Read More]