Morning Line: Wednesday – A Vote of Confidence

With the Giants off for a couple of days before Monday night’s match up against the Redskins, the big news following Sunday night’s fiasco of a loss to the dirty Birds 45-38 was Tom Coughlin’s “vote of confidence” for embattled defensive coordinator Bill Sheridan.

Coach Tom Coughlin needed just a handful of words to assert his confidence in defensive coordinator Bill Sheridan Monday.

Are you sticking with Sheridan for the rest of the season?


Do you give any thought to making a change there?


Are you confident in everything he is doing?

“I am. Disappointed in the results, obviously.”

There are a few things to take away here.

  1. Believe what Coughlin said. There’s no reason to doubt him.
  2. Do not compare this to 2006. Current offensive coordinator Kevin Gilbride replaced John Hufnagel prior to the last game of the 2006 season. Gilbride had plenty of experience both as a head coach and offensive coordinator, and Coughlin is at heart an offensive coach. That was an easy switch.
  3. At this point, Coughlin doesn’t have a lot of options. There is no Steve Spagnuolo waiting in the wings to prop up an ailing defense. The Giants will go to war with what they have.

The Giants offensive braintrust better make sure the guns are loaded, because it looks like these last three games are going to be shootouts.

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The once-infallible Jerry Reese and this year’s crop of defensive free agents? Not so good. (New York Daily News)

The 4-9 Washington Redskins: Is the glass 30.8% full, or 69.2% empty? And who gets the credit? (Washington Post)

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Brian Hellauer

2 Responses

  1. Brian Hellauer says:

    Go to and look at the coaching staff – there’s no savior waiting in the wings…

  2. daddy-o says:

    Not to wish ill will on anyone, but if something happened to Bill Sheridan and
    he was unable to report to work, what would the team do? Someone would
    have to cover for him, right? Who is that “someone” and why can’t he step in?