End of the 3rd: Giants 24, Dirty Eagles 10

The turnover by Mario Manningham let the Eagles back into the game. The Giants need to finish this one.

Pam Oliver still looks rough.

Michael Vick looks small when 6’7″ Chris Canty gets his arms up.

Needed to make a first down on that opening drive, but a nice punt by Dodge.

Nice catch by Avant. Giants showing good defensive discipline – now they need to make some stops!

Michael Vick is getting pounded. Giants defense is playing with pride today.

Tough play by Manningham. Looked like he may have been out of bounds, but no challenge thrown.

Turnover gave the Eagles a way back into the game.

Jeremy Maclin going in for the score

Jeremy Maclin going in for the score

Giants are littering the field with downed dirty Eagles.

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Brian Hellauer

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