Halftime: Giants 24, Dirty Eagles 3

The Giants picked the right time to play their most complete half of football of the season. Let’s hope it continues for another 30 minutes.

Some quarter comments, in chronlogical order:

Giants defense eating Mexican today.

Ahmad Bradshaw more effective than Brandon Jacobs so far.

Eli locked in. Bad news for the dirty Eagles.

Mario Manningham coming up big.

Mario Manningham scores again

Mario Manningham scores again

Justin Tuck says how do you do to Michael “Mike”  Vick on the sidelines.

Crazy dangerous back-foot throw by Eli. Nicks made a nice defensive play.

Bradshaw is a big-game player.

New Orleans losing to Baltimore – good news for the Giants.

Derek Hagan is one Jerry Reese’s better finds.

Kevin Boss needs to catch that ball.

Huge hit by Gerris Wilkinson on kickoff at 17-3. Giants special teams playing very well.

Kenny Phillips – you ball-hawking fool, you.

Mike Pereira must be from be from Philly – usually on the spot, but blew that call on the Maclin fumble. Not enough evidence to overturn.

Eli and Hakeem Nicks make the dirty birds pay – again!

Hakeem Nicks scores

Hakeem Nicks scores

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Brian Hellauer

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