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Gillian Held singing straight to the top

Photo Courtesy of Gillian Held

Gillian Held is a 17 year-old high school student, who speaks to you like she has been living for years. She has been singing since she was ten years old. Gillian has performed in numerous school musicals and community theater. Held is a triple threat. “I’ve been singing for eight years now. I started dancing for 12 years, and I started acting in 6th grade,” Held said.

Everything hasn’t come easy for Held. She faced some comments from her fellow peers about her and her singing career. “I am not going sit here and be like, oh no everyone loves me in my school. I go through the people that talk about you, the rumors. I go through that every day. You have to be strong and you have to just not let it affect you. Take what they say about you, all the negativity and put it in your head. When your in the studio or working you think about that and it makes you want to work so much harder and show them,” she said.

Held’s song is inspiring, strong, determined, and really good. She has a strong online following already. She has over 200 Facebook fans, and countless MySpace fans. She constantly twitters and blogs keeping all of her fans in the loop on her career and her whereabouts.You truly feel like your her friend.

Gillian told me she prefers to answer everyone herself and she actually blogs herself. She somehow manages to talk to all her fans, record songs, perform at local venues, and remain in school. She even attends school functions. Our interview couldn’t go too long because Held had to catch a football game.

She is pretty amazing. I recommend downloading her song. You won’t regret it. To download Gillian’s song off Itunes click here

If your interested in finding out more information on Gillian, her music, and her career click on one of the links below:

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