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Filmmaker Cody Blue Snider Fundraises For New Short Film

Long Island Filmmaker Cody Blue Snider released a short film called, ‘All That Remains,’ on Vimeo about three months ago. Since then the film has been seen by thousands. However, the film began long before its online release touring the festival circuit back in 2011 and was continually recognized by various festivals winning multiple awards.

The movie is about a WW2 Veteran dealing with the effects of dymentia. The film goes back and forth through the main characters memories of his time during the war and his current life in a nursing home. The only friend he has is death, but comes to learn that death can’t be trusted.

Check out a clip of the film below — the full version can be viewed here:

Now Snider is working on a new film called, ‘Fools Day,’ and is in need of your help to make it happen. Snider was able to get most of the funding and even has actors donating their time to be in his film. He is half way through fundraising and is desperatley trying to make his dream come true. The movie is a twisted take on a joke a bunch of students play on their teacher that ends up killing her. Snider is going to begin production shortly and found he is over budget. Snider setup an account on Kickstarter trying to raise the $8,000 he needs to begin working on the film. Since setting up the site, he has been able to raise over $4,000. However, he is still short.

To learn more about this amazing short film and to donate (depending on the amount of the donation,you might even see yourself credited in the film) visit the official donation page:

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