Median Home Prices

The median house price in four Fairfield County towns is more than $1 million. Click through the gallery for a look at other places in the county and in surrounding towns, from Jan. to Mar. 2013.

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Jeff Bustraan

2 Responses

  1. Herb Veness says:

    Thats why after serving my country for 11 years, and receiving war medals for heroism, I came home to Danbury area for one year and packed up and left. I could not afford to live there and I feel the State of Connecticut and the City of Danbury has failed the average family but taxing us to death.. It was unfair and unbelievable the amount of different laws and taxes that take so much money away from those who already are struggling.. I’ve been gone for twenty years now and do pretty well for myself but sure wish I could have done this well and been able to be near family.

  2. lulu says:

    The great divide. Developers and speculators would like to demolish Wilbur Peck and expropriate the tenants to new construction sites. That would take decades.