Finding Money for College, Tonight at Library

Judith Margolin, author of Financing a College Education, will give a presentation on financial aid for a university education on Wednesday, March 28 at 7 p.m. in the Meeting Room, as part of the college preparation series at Greenwich Library.

Securing financial aid for undergraduate or graduate studies is a daunting task for most students and their parents. This basic introduction to the process focuses on private sources of scholarship funding, including foundations and associations. Participants of all ages learn the facts about various scholarship providers, how to assess their own financial needs and make a case for support, and how to apply for scholarships and fellowships.

Judith Margolin is an independent consultant, workshop and webinar leader on foundations and grants. She is the author of several books about securing grants.

This presentation is free, open to all. The college preparation series is made possible through the support of the Greenwich Library Board of Trustees and contributions by generous donors. For more information, please call Margaret Walsh at (203) 622-7915.