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Monthly Archive for August, 2009

: August, 2009

The Road To Mayor: The Caruso Factor

A federal judged has blowtorched Connecticut’s groundbreaking program to fund state political races. U.S. District Judge Stefan Underhill ruled the Citizens Election Program “imposes an

Another Page In Library Fight

Good gravy, I’m having too much fun. Superior Court Judge David Tobin told the city on Tuesday that the Liberate Libraries Committee was right and the city was wrong. This means that come Nov. 3

‘Hatchet job…gutless, spineless’: The Firing of Ralph Jacobs

Mayor Bill Finch has gone where no mayor has gone before, and former Mayor Jasper McLevy, the father of Bridgeport Civil Service,  is barfing in his grave. Finch won a power grab for jobs Friday

Library Reserves Court Date

Monday morning in Bridgeport Superior Court lawyers for the Liberate Libraries Committee and the city will duke it out over the following question: “Shall a one (1) mill tax be levied to establish and

It Ain’t Badminton

Forget the Yankees and Red Sox. Democratic primaries are the leading sporting events in Connecticut’s largest city and four primaries for City Council are on tap September 15. My old pal Jim Callahan,

Mother Rell’s Future, Plus: Library Fight Update

When Lieutenant Governor Mike Fedele announced last week that he’ll seek the GOP gubernatorial nomination if Jodi Rell doesn’t run it got me thinking (I know, that’s a scary thought) does Fedele know

Library Book Fight

Library officials want to throw the book at Mayor Bill Finch. Well, sort of. They say the library system is woefully underfunded and they haven’t been enamored of the mayor since he described library

Bridgeport’s Uncivil Service

A fight is brewing in City Hall for control of Civil Service, the testing system that falls outside mayoral discretionary appointment power. Ralph Jacobs is the city’s personnel director overseeing

How Did The Pups Get There?

It took a week for the mayor’s office to issue a lengthy statement regarding the death of two puppies at the city’s animal shelter. See Mayor Bill Finch’s statement below. Still no answer to the