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Monthly Archive for December, 2009

: December, 2009

Wanna Derail The Jail? Call Eileen Daily

These are the members of the State Bond Commission that will be asked in the new year to approve funding of Governor Jodi Rell’s push to place a juvenile detention center for girls on the Upper East

A Little Help From Friends

Quite a collection of pols, public officials and community activists have come to the defense of City Councilman Bob Walsh who’s phone rant to council partner Evette Brantley has the legislative body

Egad, Emails And Phone Messages

Be careful of your phone messages! Veteran City Council member Bob “Troll” Walsh is taking heat for a phone message he left for his council district partner Evette Brantley after she took an opposing

What Dodd Must Do

My friend Jonathan Kantrowitz is a loyal advocate on behalf of Chris Dodd, and it will be surrogates that may yet persuade angry voters that Connecticut’s senior senator is the goods that can bring

P.T. Committee Statement

The folks that assembled a shadow committee as a check on a task force that Mayor Bill Finch created to examine safety features at P.T. Barnum Apartments following a fire that killed a young mom and