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Monthly Archive for June, 2010

: June, 2010

City Flatfoots Look Flat Stupid Picking On Mayor’s Son

It’s not hard to figure out the priorities of some cops during a storm. They’re more worried about their paychecks than police work. This is a total abuse of power. While city was struggling to

Video Of Storm Damage

A Game Of Chicken?

This is a huge week for city bean counters and union negotiators. A new budget year begins July 1. Mayor Bill Finch’s budget requires millions in union givebacks. Every day beyond July 1 makes it more

Education Screams

From Connecticut Post reporter Linda Conner Lambeck: A crowd that tested the limits of the Aquaculture School all-purpose room’s 198-person capacity told the Board of Education in no uncertain terms

‘Went To A Fight Last Night And A City Council Meeting Broke Out’

What’s going on around here? Two weeks ago nearly half the City Council was pushing, shoving, rolling on the benches and floor that would make wrestling guru Linda McMahon smile from nose to toes.

Cash, Poll Juices Malloy Campaign

Democrat Dan Malloy had a good day on Thursday when the State Elections Enforcement Commission awarded his gubernatorial campaign more than $2 million in public funds, and a new poll by

Dick Rebounds After War Flap

Linda McMahon’s campaign team is not loving these latest poll numbers from More validation that voters just don’t like the McMahon persona. This poll actually provides an