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Monthly Archive for July, 2010

: July, 2010

The Vibes City Council VIP Flap

Are you enjoying Gathering of the Vibes? The annual hippie fest is a cool event along the Seaside Park shores. Most members of the entire Democratic Bridgeport City Council are really enjoying the

The Cops Got It Wrong

Where are all the Finch haters now? Where are all the vitriolic posters who condemned the mayor’s son for something that was a ridiculous arrest? This was a classic case of abuse of police power, and

The Politics Of Crime

Raising taxes is a toothache for any mayor. Add neighborhood crime and now you’ve got voter root canal. The two combined will gum up any reelection effort which is why Mayor Bill Finch is paying

Malloy Gains On Lamont

The guber primary between Ned Lamont and Dan Malloy has gotten much tighter, according today’s Q Poll. Four weeks ago Lamont had a 17 point lead among registered Dems. It’s now 9 based on likely Dem

Are Cops An Election Force?

It used to be when city employees were required to live in Bridgeport they were a political force. In 1973 city employee voter strength was probably enough to reelect Republican Mayor Nick Panuzio who