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Vallas, New School Chief, Gutsy Reformer

Chicago, Philadelphia, New Orleans, Paul Vallas has seen it all when it comes to struggling school districts. He’s been hired, on an interim basis, to tackle Bridgeport’s struggling “system of

This Police Brawl Could Cost You Money

The Stratford woman pulled to the floor, as shown in this video, in the Bridgeport Police Department booking area last year has filed a federal lawsuit against city police. For more on this and what

Would You Vote For Ernie Newton?

The municipal election cycle is over. The page has turned to the 2012 presidential election season and a boatload of races for state and federal office. One high-profile pol who has made his

Paul Leka, Songwriter, RIP

Paul Leka, as a young man from Bridgeport, wrote one of the greatest anthems in Rock & Roll history. He passed away a few days ago. (Check out my daily webzine at

City Voting Locations

Tuesday is primary day in the state’s largest city featuring Mayor Bill Finch and challenger Mary-Jane Foster. Most polling precincts are traditional locations except for voters who generally cast a

Where Do You Vote On Tuesday?

Tuesday September 27 is Democratic primary day in Bridgeport featuring the match up between Mayor Bill Finch and Mary-Jane Foster. Polls open at 6 a.m. and close at 8 p.m. If you don’t know where you

Max Medina, Citizen Action Group, Endorse Foster

Max Medina, former president of the Bridgeport Board of Education, and the Connecticut Citizen Action Group are supporting mayoral candidate Mary-Jane Foster who’s challenging Mayor Bill Finch in the

Is Your Vote For Finch, Foster Or McLevy?

Twenty one cities and towns in Connecticut will participate in party primaries today. The Democratic primary showdown between Mayor Bill Finch and challenger Mary-Jane Foster will take place September

Judge’s Questions To Determine A Mayoral Primary

Superior Court Judge Barbara Bellis will issue a decision Friday at 3 p.m. whether Mary-Jane Foster and her slate of candidates will face Mayor Bill Finch in a primary. The judge presented a series of

More OIB Moments

The state is investigating Democratic Registrar Sandy Ayala (was the fix in?) for blowtorching Mary-Jane Foster’s ballot spot for mayor. The state is investigating a political action committee with