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Would You Vote For Ernie Newton?

Ernie Newton

The municipal election cycle is over. The page has turned to the 2012 presidential election season and a boatload of races for state and federal office. One high-profile pol who has made his intentions known is former State Senator Ernie Newton who wants his old job back after resigning it in 2005 as a result of federal corruption charges.

The “Moses of his people” says a formal declaration will come after the first of the year but he certainly will be in the mix for Connecticut’s 23rd Senatorial District seat occupied by Ed Gomes. The district includes the South End, East Side, East End and a portion of the North End of Bridgeport and a small piece of Stratford.

Newton was a fixture in city politics for 25 years, first as a young City Council president then in the State House before winning the 2003 special election for State Senate following the death of Alvin Penn. Flamboyant in dress and a lightning rod for discussion, Newton wants a second chance at public office and believes his former constituents will deliver. He cites millions of dollars he delivered for the city for neighborhood clean up and development, the Innovation Center and St. Mark’s Day Care.

Ed Gomes

Ed Gomes, a tough cookie, is an Army veteran and retired steelworker who has built up his own constituency in his years in the State Senate. Newton says he wishes Gomes a full recovery following Gomes’ late September heart surgery. They have faced each other before. Newton and Gomes were just a few hundred votes apart when Newton won the special election in the spring of 2003. Gomes won the special election to fill Newton’s vacancy.

Others may jump into the mix for an August 2012 primary. The Democratic Party endorsement session will take place in May.