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Mayor Finch Begins Budget Hearings; What Say You?

Mayor Bill Finch submitted his proposed budget Monday night that spanks city homeowners several hundred dollars more a year in taxes, most of it to cover additional education and pension spending.

Tonight (Tuesday) at 6 at City Council Chambers, 45 Lyon Terrace, the mayor begins the first in a series of public meetings to sell his spending plan with an eye toward the November election when voters will be asked to approve either an elected or appointed Board of Education. The mayor wants to appoint school board members.

Read the mayor’s full budget proposal

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4 Responses

  1. DoucheBag Bill says:

    How did this BUM get re-elected anyway? he has alot of nerve..coming across like he has done a good job,but ya know what his time will come.

  2. Hector says:

    High taxes + homes you can’t sell + crime + high insurance cost + schools that don’t work because of the lack parent and student accountability in the city = Bridgeport Connecticut priceless!!

  3. sadinbpt says:

    Ditto everything said above. DISGUSTING! Maybe we should all let the cesspool city have our property and then buy back the tax lien for one dollar like he allowed his butt buddy dinardo to do.

    Let’s not forget that last month our stellar city council agreed to give him the power to raise the salaries of his selected few by up to 15%.

    Bridgeport Democrats walk the fine line of the law. they know just how much they can get away with. while stealing from the working class and offering public handouts to the lazy fat illiterate ghetto scum that we support. NO BODY WANTS TO LIVE HERE. we are prisoners in our homes because we can’t sell them. soon the property values will be lower than the mortgage and we can ALL walk away from the scum.

  4. Hammond Egger says:

    This is outrageous.The citizens of Bridgeport are esentially in a “prison” ala “Escape From New York”.We-the poor saps that own houses here-are trapped.We cannot sell our homes and escape,thanks to the high crime rate,blight,and murders every day.Oh yeah,and let’s not forget the highest mill rate in the state,for the privelige of living in this stink hole.Now Finchy wants to raise them higher??? Hey Bill,why not do something to make your buddy Sal pay HIS taxes,before hammering the working poor again.He can afford it-WE CAN’T.The millions he owes can be used for a lot of educational purposes