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Mayor Finch’s Next Public Budget Session April 11, 6 P.M. Black Rock Library

Mayor Bill Finch will conduct the second in a series of presentations about his proposed city budget on Wednesday April 11, 6 p.m. at the Black Rock library branch, 2705 Fairfield Avenue. The mayor is making the rounds to sell his budget to the public that includes millions more in education spending. Black Rock homeowners are among the highest taxed in the city so this will be a good test for the mayor to check the pulse of neighborhood residents.

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  1. Hammond Egger says:

    I’m surprised Finch even has the gall to show his face in public in Bpt.He should be tarred and feathered,and run out of town,like in the old west.(Which ironically was SAFER,then what Bpt is now).Shootings every day in our streets…..and wants to raise our taxes ?We need a recall provision FAST.Who voted for this idiot,anyway?