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Bridgeport GOP Split Over McMahon-Shays Battle

Former Congressman Christopher Shays lives in Bridgeport. It would appear he’d have most of the city’s Republican political establishment supporting him in his nomination fight for U.S. Senate. He doesn’t have the party chairman. John Slater, a banker from Black Rock, the new young party leader who organized a rally last week protesting the city’s tax increase, announced today he’s supporting Linda McMahon for U.S. Senate.

In a statement released by the McMahon campaign Slater points out his personal endorsement of McMahon, not on behalf of the town committee he represents.

“Linda McMahon has shown a real commitment to Bridgeport by visiting the city on multiple occasions and reaching out to the voters,” Slater said. “Bridgeport needs jobs, and Linda has the right experience and plan to help get the people of Bridgeport back to work. Our current government has created a culture of gridlock brought on by career politicians. Linda’s experience as a proven job creator is critical to turning around our economy, especially in cities like Bridgeport.”

Shays and McMahon are positioning for delegate votes at the party convention May 18. Whatever happens both have vowed an August primary. Slater is trying to reverse the dramatic decline in GOP city relevance. Bridgeport Republicans have relevance in this GOP nomination fight. Primaries are all about identifying your friends and dragging them to the polls.

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