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Did Shays’ Campaign Shoot Itself In The Foot?

A Hearst Newspapers story raised a question — Shays: Did McMahon trade WrestleMania tix for endorsement? The campaign of Republican U.S. Senate candidate Chris Shays claimed, with no credible evidence, that Linda McMahon bought the May endorsement of Bridgeport Republican Town Chairman John Slater who had attended a WrestleMania event in April. Problem with the claim: Slater paid his own way and produced the evidence. Now Shays’ campaign is feeling the heat from GOP delegates just one day before the state party convention to endorse. The McMahon campaign kicked out an eblast and automated phone call from Slater slamming Shays’ campaign tactics. McMahon’s Campaign Manager Corry Bliss fired off this statement to delegates.

Congressman Chris Shays has demonstrated over and over that he will say anything to get elected. But this week the Congressman stooped to his lowest point yet.

Congressman Shays wrongly accused Bridgeport RTC Chair John Slater of selling his endorsement for wrestling tickets. His campaign combed through John’s Facebook page, copied his personal photos, and sent them to a reporter. John had to provide his personal bank records to a newspaper to prove that he purchased the tickets on his own. Can you imagine being personally attacked like this?

Understandably, John is offended and outraged at the Congressman’s behavior. I hope you’ll click here to listen to this message from John to learn first-hand what he’s been through because of the Congressman’s dirty, eleventh-hour, campaign attacks.

As John says, people support Linda because she is a job creator with a plan to get people back to work and turn our economy around. They are NOT supporting Chris Shays because he is a professional politician who will say anything to get elected.

By attacking John, Congressman Shays is personally attacking every single delegate and insinuating that Republicans can be bought. I hope you’ll join John in sending a clear message to the Congressman and stand with Linda tomorrow night in Hartford.

Text of Slater’s audio message:

This is John Slater, and I am the RTC Chairman in Bridgeport. I have been an active, loyal Republican for my entire life. This week, however, has been the lowest I have seen in politics in a long time. Congressman Chris Shays publicly accused me of selling my endorsement to Linda McMahon.

He accused me of trading my vote for wrestling tickets. That’s offensive. It should also be offensive to you that a Washington, DC, politician who has sold us out over the years for higher taxes is accusing Republicans of selling their votes.

In the past, I have supported Chris Shays and voted for him when he was in Congress. I am very disappointed in his recent behavior and the way he has attacked Republicans across Connecticut. Chris Shays has become nothing more than a professional politician that is disrespecting the convention process, the Republican Party, and each and every one of us with his false accusations.

Linda McMahon is an outsider and proven job creator with a plan to cut taxes, cut spending, and create jobs. That’s why I am voting for her. I hope you will join me in supporting Linda McMahon at tomorrow’s state convention in Hartford.