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Newton, The Moses Of His Peeps, Wins Endorsement — What Say You?

Former State Senator Ernie Newton won the Democratic endorsement on Monday for his old seat. It continues Newton’s quest for “redemption” following corruption charges that sent him to prison and a declaration that he was the Moses of his people. He says he’s remorseful for his past conduct and once again wants to represent Bridgeport and a portion of Stratford in Hartford.

The endorsement does not mean Newton is a lock to win the Aug. 14 primary. He is being challenged by incumbent Ed Gomes and State Rep. Andres Ayala? But the endorsement provides an unlikely campaign launch for Newton in his quest.

What’s your take on Newton’s new journey?

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5 Responses

  1. Hammond Egger says:

    Ernie wants “redemption”? I bet he can’t even spell it.Let him go collect cans or better yet -GET A JOB.When a CT Post columnist spoke to him- she reported he spewed the F word constantly.Is a vulgar,arrogant,convicted criminal the best choice we have? Ed Gomes should get his job back.He’s the opposite of Newton-classy,dignified,and honest.

  2. John says:

    Its time for Ernie to find something else to do and not disgrace the city and people he serves who so desperately deserve better leadership. Maybe Coviello can go with him.

  3. Hammond Egger says:

    Disgusting,yet I am not surprised.The ignorance and stupidity of the DTC never ceases to amaze me

  4. AlFromBlackRock says:

    Moses parted the DTC, thanks to Bob Curwen.

  5. Darlene says:

    Lenny, what say you about Rowland with his $100,000 a year job in Waterbury??