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Sauda Baraka’s Conflict Of Interest On The School Board

Sauda Baraka, one of four Board of Education members Wednesday night that voted to rescue Tisdale School principal Carmen Perez Dickson from termination for dragging children through hallways, was represented by Dickson’s attorney when Baraka became a plaintiff challenging the state’s takeover of city schools in 2011. School board members Ken Moales and Maria Pereira had recused themselves from the Dickson case as a result of conversations they had with Dickson regarding accusations she used excessive force against children. Baraka chose to vote on the Dickson disciplinary matter even though Dickson’s lawyer Josephine Miller also had represented her involving the Connecticut Supreme Court reseating the elected Board of Education after a majority of members asked for state intervention

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  1. Get me a shovel says:

    What about Holy Moly? Conflict of Interest is his middle name and with his financial mess he needs every penny Vallas and the BOE can throw his way. What about Illingsworth who berates Central HS for not enforcing the uniform policy (and buy the uniforms from his day job company). Dixon may be a bad egg, but who is to say Vallas army of first year Principals and retreads are any better?