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Cuckoo Cuckoo: Nurses Ratchet Up Ramos Pay Diss

Where’s Nurse Ratchet when you need her? Well, a lot of nurses working for the city wouldn’t mind examining the brain cells of Superintendent of Schools John Ramos. School nurses that come under the umbrella of the Board of Education went payless this summer because Ramos suffers from an I-think-I-don’t-remember moment regarding a deal the nurses […] [Read More]

Education Politics

Hey, want to go on the Board of Education? Straighten stuff out. Cut this. Slash that. Do us proud. Make my job easier. Well, Mayor Bill Finch hopes, wishes, expects, whatever that the two BOE candidates he pushed for endorsement by the Democrat Town Committee Wednesday night City Councilwoman Leticia Colon and former councilman Pat […] [Read More]

The Mayor’s Myopia

Mayor Bill Finch reinforces his hopeless case of Mad Myopia in Connecticut Post reporter Linda Conner Lambeck’s feature about the University of Bridgeport’s comeback. Without doing his homework, without visiting the campus, without the rationale to examine the university’s economic impact on the city, the local kids it educates, the jobs it creates, its impact on one […] [Read More]